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Center Shot Rifles
Shawnee, Oklahoma Making Rifles Accurate
Center Shot Rifles LLC
124 Carmin Dr.
Shawnee, OK 74804
Jim my rifle is shooting very well, I shot quite a bit two weeks ago. I drove out to the farm in Kansas, and it was averaging a lil over 2" at 703 and a lil over 4" at 1010 I'm very pleased with the results! Thanks again Jim

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Attention, Center Shot Rifles has been in the design stage of a new line of muzzle brakes. The NEW, BLAST TAMER muzzle brakes are available now. 5 brakes that will cover everything from the 22-250 through the 338 Lapua. View the Muzzle Brakes here.

Currently, we are not taking any custom rifle orders.

Welcome to Center Shot Rifles LLC

With 7 years experience in the custom rifle building business, I have established a track record of producing the most accurate rifles available today. I have also established a track record of premium customer service. All orders receive a completion date, and I have met those dates, in 95% of all rifle build orders.

Precision rifles are built using highly refined procedures, some of which I developed, to produce rifles of superior accuracy. All the rifles I build are designed for your specific needs, based on what you and I determine best fit your desired goal for the rifle. Here is a list of some of my preferred actions to work with:
  • Surgeon actions
  • Defiance Machine actions
  • Bat actions
  • Stiller Precision actions
  • Borden actions
  • Savage single shot actions
  • Remington 700 series action
I will also build on your Remington 700 action, but please understand I will blueprint all 700s before barreling and many 700 actions require new bolt handle placement for proper primary extraction. These services typically add $300 or more, to the cost of your complete rifle, so understand it may be more cost effective to start with a custom action, when including all the upgrades they offer from a 700.

We build rifles for:
  • Tactical/Precision Rifle Competition
  • Varmint Hunting
  • Long Range Hunting
  • Sporter / Conventional Hunting
  • Competition / Target Shooting
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I am an authorized dealer of both Nightforce Optics and Vortex Optics. Order your optics for your next custom build with me and the ring lapping, scope leveling, and bore sighting is FREE!

Nightforce Optics
Vortex Optics

Feel free to contact us with questions and/or comments.
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