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I hope you had a great vacation and caught some fish. I again want to thank you for meeting me on a Sunday to pick up my XP. It looks great. Your work is second to none, and I hope to deal with you again soon. Thanks again.
-- Rob

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Galleries / Rifle Gallery

6.5x47 lapua, Surgeon 591, McMillian A-5-3, Benchmark barrel

6mm BR, Bat action, Russo stock, Brux barrel

7 rsaum, Surgeon RSR, McMillian A-5a, Brux Barrel

300 RUM, Stiller Predator, McMillian rem hunter, Brux Barrel

Stiller Tac 30, 6.5x47 lapua, manners GAT w/ mini chasis, Cerakoat Black, Brux barrel

CSR 6.5x47 Lapua (assorted loads)

Remington 700 in 308 Winchester, FTR rifle, film dipped

Stiller Tac 30, 6.5x47 lapua, McMillian A-3, Cerakoat OD green, Brux Barrel, Echo DBM

260 remington, Snow pattern, Stiller, McMillian, Brux

Rem 700, 6x47 Lapua, CSR stock, digi pattern, Brux

Borden BRM in 284 Winchester, CSR new Low-Boy F-O stock, painted

Savage target action, 6mm br, CSR target stock, Brux barrel, NF BR scope

Gregs 284 f-class rifle, Bat action, Brux barrel, McMillian stock, with 200 yard 5 shot group, sub 1/4 moa.

Stiller Predator, Brux, 338 edge, Mcmillian A-3, Muscle brake. CSR.

Tomah WI Friends of the NRA, 2011 auction rifle. Special thanks to Brux Barrels, and GrayBull Precision for their Donations to this fund raiser rifle.

Stiller Predator, Manners stock, Brux barrel in 7WSM, CSR

Surgeon RLR, Graybull stock, Brux barrel, 7mm Dakota, CSR brake

Blue Printed Remington 700, Brux barrel in 6mm BR, Mcmillian stock, painted in house

338 Edge, Surgeon RLR, Brux barrel, CSR brake, McMillian stock, Cerakoat coyote tan

Rem 700 Blueprinted 6.5x47 Lapua, Brux barrel, McMillian stock, Cerakoat metal finish

Rem 700 BP, 260 rem, Manners T, Brux 8T #4, Cerakote Matte Black

BP 700, ptg bolt, Brux barrel, 6.5 SAUM, Graybull stock, SSG brake

Savage Target action, Manners Gat, Brux barrel, 6.5x284

Brux 11T, Remington Blueprinted, 300 WM

3 shots at 100 yards
Defiance Machine, Brux barrel, Manners stock, Jewel Trigger, 7WSM, coated by Center Shot Rifles

Surgeon 591, Brux Barrel, Russo stock, Jewel trigger, chambered in 6.5x284

338 Lapua. Surgeon XL, Brux, Muscle brake, Mcmillian Mchale stock, Cerakoat

"Green Goblin" 6mm BR, Bat action, McMillian stock, Brux barrel, Jewell trigger

5 Shots .935" at 400 yards = .233 MOA
Stiller Predator, Brux barrel, 243AI, Manners stock, Stock and barrel coated at Center Shot Rifles
Surgeon 591, Brux barrel, Seekins DBM and rings, Manners stock, Cerakoat Black. 260 rem.

Rem 700 blueprinted, Brux 8T, Ceracoat metal

7mm Remington Mag. Brux Barrel - Duracoat flutes
Rem 700 sendero trued

338 Edge Stiller Tac 300 Brux Barrel, Russo Stock

6mm BR Savage target rifle trued, Brux barrel, pillar and Devcon bedded
7mm Dakota, Pheonix action, Manners stock, Brux 9T, Muscle Brake, Cerakote metal finish
338 Lapua Magnum, Surgeon action, Brux 10T, Manners Stock, CSR Muzzle Brake
Surgeon 591 action, 7mm RSAUM, Brux barrel, Manners stock, Ceracoat metal, Duracoat stock

Jim, The conditions were finally good this morning. Three shots at 604 yds with my custom 7mm SAUM, 180 gr Berger Hybrid, H4831sc, and CCI BR2 primers. Your the BEST, Ryan
308 win match, Surgeon action, Kreiger barrel, McMillian stock

Stiller tac 300, Brux barrel, McMillian Stock, CSR Brake, Nightforce Optic

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